Walthamstow Cricket Tennis and Squash Club

Club Bar Reopening Sat 4 July

Re-opening of bar and control measures

Following the recent relaxation of lockdown regulations by the government we are pleased to advise you that the club bar will be re-opening from Saturday 4 July 2020.

The intended opening hours are: -


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday – 4pm to 9pm


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – 12 noon to 9pm


Reductions in opening hours are subject to change at short notice entirely at the discretion of the Club Manager.


Re-opening is subject to the guidance set out by government which you are responsible to follow where it is applicable to you. The guidance can be found here: -


The following comprises details of control measures implemented by the club together with general information: -

  • Anyone contemplating visiting the club where they or any member of their family are displaying covid-19 symptoms or any in way feel unwell must stay at home and not visit.
  • On arrival at the club everyone must follow the marked one-way system for entry and departure and continue to do this throughout their stay. Entry is via the outside door to the Dongray Lounge and exit is via the door in the main hall. Before entry everyone should use the hand sanitiser beside the entry door.
  • Anyone with a mobility issue should telephone the club on arrival on 07860868044. Arrangements will be made to assist entry to the premises.
  • On arrival everyone must immediately complete the track and trace form which will be on a dedicated table by the far window of the Dongray Lounge. The form will require everyone to print their name and those of any family members and provide a contact telephone number and email address. The form must be handed to the bar staff before ordering. You will not be served until this has been done. The forms will be securely stored on a daily file for 21 days and then destroyed.
  • If the bar staff require you to temporarily remove your face mask for ID purposes you must do so whilst ensuring you adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • There will be no seating, socialising, or drinking whatsoever in the Dongray Lounge.
  • Seating in the main hall area is limited to a maximum of 5 tables with the occupants of each table (or tables) being limited to a maximum of two households (including support bubbles). Anyone using these tables will only be served at their table. The order is to be sent to the bar staff by text or WhatsApp using the number 07860868044. Nobody seated at these tables will be served at the bar.
  • Outdoor seating will be on tables which consist of groups of up to 2 households (or support bubbles), or a group of at most 6 people, who must be more than 1m apart, from any number of households. Individual tables will always be spaced at a minimum distance of 3m from each other.
  • Anyone seated outside will only be served at the bar. There will be a marked 2m socially distanced queue for those wishing to be served. Only three, 2m socially distanced, people will be allowed inside to order at any one time.
  • When being served everyone must stand back and not lean on the bar. To assist the bar staff when reordering there will be a dedicated table, which is not to be touched, in the Dongray Lounge to return used glasses if you decide to do this.
  • Everyone must leave the bar area, using the marked one-way system, immediately they have received their order.
  • The preferred method of payment is by contactless card. Please try and assist.
  • Other than the normal bar snacks there will be no food served.
  • To enable tables to be cleaned please step back from your table in a socially distanced manner if the bar staff request this is done.
  • Anyone may bring their own food. They must take responsibility for their own waste and take it home with them or place it in bags in the container near the club exit.
  • Anyone wishing to order a food delivery may do so. They must arrange to pay for it in advance and collect their order at the front gate. They must also take responsibility for any waste and take it home with them or place it in a bag in the container near the exit.
  • In the event of adverse weather nobody, under any circumstances, is allowed to congregate inside the clubhouse. If anyone remains outside social distancing must be maintained.
  • There are hand sanitising stations onsite in addition to the washroom facilities. They should be used on arrival and then on a regular basis. Please also bring hand sanitiser with you for personal use at the tables.
  • Anyone wishing to use the washroom facilities must follow the marked one-way system leading to them and, if necessary, form an orderly, marked, socially distanced queue. The washrooms are to be used on a one in one out basis. Before leaving the washrooms, the handwashing facilities must be used. After using the washrooms, the exit for men is via the squash door and the exit for women is via the balcony door (Not back through the main hall).
  • Anyone who is accompanied by children is responsible for supervising them at all times and ensuring they follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Smoking and vaping is only permitted in the designated areas which for the time being will be the “Memorial Garden” for smokers and in a marked area on the edge of the field for vapers. Anyone using these facilities must maintain social distancing at all times.
  • Anyone failing to observe the safety measures will not be served. The bar staff have total discretion to require anyone to leave the club premises.
  • Everyone is reminded that police and the local authorities have the powers to enforce requirements in relation to social distancing and may instruct people to disperse, leave the club, issue a fixed penalty notice or take further enforcementaction.

In essence the above mainly reiterates the “new normal” that we have become used to. If everyone acts responsibly in accordance with government guidance, we will be able to meet and socialise with our friends again.


The Management Committee