Walthamstow Cricket Tennis and Squash Club

Message to Members 22 May

Dear Member

We were delighted that the Club was able to reopen the tennis courts for restricted play on Saturday 16 May. Members are making good use of the courts whilst following guidance. Please remember to ensure that you leave the Club premises immediately your booking is complete.

We fully understand that the current situation, caused by Covid 19, means that some of us who are keen to play are in financial difficulty.

We apologise if we have not made the Club position on this clear.

The Club has a long-standing tradition of treating members who genuinely fall on hard times with empathy and respect. If any member wishes to recommence play but feels unable to do so for financial reasons, please contact the nominated representative of the section you are affiliated to by email as follows: -

Cricket: cricketrep@walthamstowsportsclub.co.uk
Squash: squashrep@walthamstowsportsclub.co.uk
Tennis: tennisrep@walthamstowsportsclub.co.uk

We also take seriously the question of how we respond longer term to the reduced operation of the Club. There was little room for manoeuvre at the start of the lockdown. As we reported previously, we sought to avoid any unnecessary expenditure and pursue all avenues to safeguard income. Now that we are beginning to resume some activities, we are reinstating previously planned developments and improvements. The three main current projects are:

  • Installation of an automatic vehicle barrier at the entrance of the Club controlled by your membership card. This will assist in reducing threats to staff, members, the nursery, and Club premises which have become increasingly evident.
  • Refurbishment of Squash Court 1.
  • Redecoration of the Main Hall.

We expect all of these to be completed in a matter of weeks. This is possible because the plans were already in place and the restricted activity in the Club makes it easier to get the work done. We are able to finance these projects because as we said in the earlier message, we have so far maintained a sound financial footing.

Our prospects for the next 6 months remain highly unpredictable.  Government support will be progressively withdrawn. At the same time, income from bar sales and hall hire may be negligible for the rest of the year whilst Club overhead will increase as facilities reopen. 

We will keep the position under review, particularly, the final total subscription payable by you, acknowledging that activities in the Club have been restricted. We do not want to commit ourselves now to the outcome of the review. We believe it is in the best interest of the Club for us to be patient as events beyond our control unfold and to consider what subscription adjustments can be made when the full facts are known. The objective remains protecting the future of the Club, treating all members responsibly and fairly, and providing a high standard of facilities for all.

The Management Committee