Walthamstow Cricket Tennis and Squash Club

Message to Members 11 May 2020

Dear Member,

Since the closure of the Club on 20 March the 4 senior officers, Nigel, Don, Matt and Robert have been working closely together on how best to weather the pandemic.  They have kept the Management Committee up to date with all the important issues and the Committee recently met by video conference. At that meeting it was agreed that we should circulate a report to all Members on the actions we have taken.

Safeguarding the building and site

We have made the site as secure as possible and continued with our contract for monitoring the fire alarm and intruder system.  We thank those members who are helping us with this task.

Looking after Staff

Our staff have been furloughed using the government Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. In essence, 80% of their normal pay is being refunded by the government.  We are using Club funds to allow our two full time staff, Vitor and Mark, to receive their normal salary.  Under the furlough scheme they are not allowed to work in the Club.

Maintaining Club Finances

We have reduced overheads wherever possible e.g. by switching off utilities, cancelling planned works, cleaning and TV subscriptions.  Our main losses of income are reduced renewal subscriptions, bar sales, rent from the Preschool and court fees.  We have sought to follow up all opportunities to compensate for this loss. The two biggest items have been the government help for furloughed staff and a £25,000 grant from the Council to help small enterprises who have lost their main sources of income. The Cricket Section have secured help from Sport England for the cost of maintaining the pitch.  We are immensely grateful to all those Members who have paid their subscriptions despite the uncertainty about when we might reopen.  At present, we are on a sound financial footing.

Planning for the future

Our planning is restricted inevitably by decisions to be made by government on the pace of reducing restrictions on movement and activities.  A key issue for us is how long staff furlough arrangements last.  At present they are due to end on 30 June.  Once that help is not available retaining our full-time staff will reduce our cash in hand quite quickly.  Income from the bar and social events and the preschool may not be available for some months to come.  We would like to reinstate planned improvements including redecoration and refurbishment whilst the building is largely unoccupied if income allows.

One question we have been asked is whether the newly acquired capital reserves from the planned development on neighbouring sites should help us with any cash shortfall.  As discussed at our last Annual General Meeting we should avoid this if possible.  These funds are earmarked for potential improvements to our sporting and other facilities and to assist with emergency costs that may arise in connection with our ageing building. These funds place us in a strong position to improve our facilities with the assistance of match funding grants that may become available. There are already proposals under discussion that would be strong contenders for these funds, we should protect them for these improvements if we can.

Email contact details are as follows: -
Nigel - Chairman and Tennis - chair@walthamstowsportsclub.co.uk
Don - Treasurer - treasurer@walthamstowsportsclub.co.uk
Robert - President and Squash - president@walthamstowsportsclub.co.uk
Matt - Secretary and Cricket -  cricket@walthamstowsportsclub.co.uk
We will stay in touch and provide updates. Keep safe and well.
The Management Committee