Walthamstow Cricket Tennis and Squash Club

Restricted Reopening of the Tennis Courts from 16 May

Following the recently issued revised government instructions, which can be found HERE and updated LTA guidelines for tennis players, which can be found HERE and which it is your responsibility to follow, the Club is opening the tennis courts to all fully paid members for restricted play from Saturday 16 May 2020.

This will be subject to ongoing review and depends on everyone adhering to the guidelines detailed above and also the following: -

  • The car park gate will be locked. Each person must unlock the gate AND THEN LOCK IT BEHIND THEM on both entry to and exit from the club. This is to avoid unauthorised access to the club. (The padlock combination will be emailed to members and they must not share it.)

  •  Players must wait a safe distance outside the courts until they are vacated before entering.

  • Players need to be courteous towards other players and finish promptly and allow a little extra time to vacate the courts to enable the next players to start on time.

  • Play singles only, with doubles possible only for those in a single household.

  • The clubhouse will not be open and so there will be no access to toilets or floodlights.

  • Provide your own equipment and avoid sharing it.

  • Bring sanitizers to apply before and after touching padlocks, handles, etc.

  • Courts must be booked in advance using the online booking system. Opening times will be from 9.00am to 8.00pm.

Please cooperate with the detail and the spirit of these guidelines. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to reopen the courts and it is your responsibility to apply the instructions and guidelines to enable the courts to remain open.

The Tennis Committee