Walthamstow Cricket Tennis and Squash Club

Squash 57

Racketball Competition

To All Members,

Every year the squash section (John Grimble) organises a racketball tournament for all the members of the club. The tournament runs from Feb 13th until March 3rd. The objective of the tournament is to encourage all the members of the club to meet each other and feel part of the club.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be an expert at racketball as the tournament has a handicap system (i.e. to win at racketball you need to get 15 points and all the good players start with a minus score (sometimes as big as minus 32) and all the not so good players (like me)start with a plus score of + 5 or more. You won’t need to buy a racket as the club always has some spares.

The tournament is run in a very good spirit and I would recommend taking part as it’s also a great opportunity to experience a new sport (which by the way is also a very good workout). Full details of the tournament and how it works are on the club’s noticeboard which is in the main corridor as well as a sheet for signing up.

Hopefully, you will give it a go.


Friday morning Racketball Club 10:00am-11:00am.

Beginners & Ladies most welcome.


£3 for members & £5 for Non Members

Come along and join in!

To register for the 2018 Racketball  Bun Cup Open Competition contact squash@walthamstowsportsclub.co.uk